The environment matters a great deal today, now more than ever before. These days people are just so preoccupied about COVID-19, it’s no surprise really. It can be just so easy to forget all the other and more serious events happening out there. Like climate change. And global warming. All synthetic lawn products thousand oaks customers will be buying into should continue to make great strides.

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Greats strides in reversing all the negative side-effects that both global warming and climate change continues to bring to the local environment as well as the communities that it affects. It affects business too, of course. And of course, if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll be the first to acknowledge. Guilty as charged. Yes; even with things that you always felt, believed were just so right.

Like having companies like Tri-County Turf to roll out a fine, green lawn out in front and at the back of your property. The problem though was having to use so much water throughout the year to keep those lawns green. Turns out that depending on the local climate and what type of lawn you’ve selected; you don’t need to use so much water. Lawns could pretty much take care of themselves. Actually; they can’t. You would still need to maintain them, right?

So, that of course, means more work. Work that people don’t always have time for these days. Everyone’s still trying to recover their losses from the great pandemic. Lawn maintenance and gardening takes a back seat for now. If not that, you’d be hiring a local landscape contractor. But that’s another thing. Landscape contracting costs money too, money people don’t seem to have much of these days.

But synthetic lawns? Well, there’s a concept that needs to be given serious thought.