If you have extended finger and thumb not even a millimeter, then you can be certain that a tooth extraction is imminent. But no, because this is what a lot of people are guilty of doing. Instead of relying on tooth extraction near me fort collins as they should, they let the affected tooth loosen further, they may even fiddle with it until it is loose enough to be yanked out of own accord. So easy to do.

You see? So there, why bother going to the dentist then? A hundred dollars or so saved. No problem. Problem solved, and so on, and so forth, all those who thought they could self-medicate at low cost. Or no cost at all. Problems, people. Unless the loss of a tooth cannot be helped in time, it’s imperative that you get yourself to your nearest dentist as soon as possible. Because here is how problems could get worse.

tooth extraction near me fort collins

The moment a tooth comes out, there is an empty gap. It’s much easier for bacteria to enter. And if that area is left unattended, the bacteria will simply spread further. And it spread to the next tooth. And the next one, and the one after that. Until what are you left with? You’re setting yourself up for a full set of dentures, just like your grandma and grandpa used to wear. And that costs much more than just having that single tooth pulled by the dentist already. And it may not even come to that. Because had you been going to the dentist for your regular exams, he could already have saved that tooth.

All it would have needed was just a single filling. Hardly noticeable and quite clean too.