There seems to never be a way to get rid of mosquitoes.  Year after year they keep coming back and no matter what we do, we just can’t get rid of them.  In fact, the scientists of the world have just released over two hundred and fifty million genetically engineered mosquitoes into the environment to see if they can help control the population.

With all of this said, mosquito control services mount pleasant is one of our only alternatives at the moment.  When hiring exterminator companies, they are equipped to help combat the problem, but no matter what they do, eventually the cycle will start again.

Keep grass cut

The grass in our yards, in fields and in unkempt areas is where mosquitoes will help make their nests.  The tall grass is also a place where they can seek shelter and stay cool until the night arrives and they can venture out in search of food.

mosquito control services mount pleasant

Remove standing water

Water is going to be where the mosquitoes lay their eggs.  When we have standing pools of water after a storm or if we live near a marsh or other body of water, the mosquito population will thrive there.  This is why we want to keep our natural bodies of water safe and away from our homes but destroy all of the standing water from storms and other areas.

Using natural and bio-friendly pesticides is also a good thing to do.  When we spray these chemicals into the environment they are in the environment.  The problem with this is that eventually they will wash away and come back to us causing more harm than the initial problem.  This is why having bio-friendly chemicals is key.

Avoid contact is possible

Stay inside when it starts to get dark.  Since most mosquitoes will feed at night, we can avoid them by staying inside.  If you do want to venture outside, consider lighting a candle, wear light clothing and avoid alcohol.